SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is made up of a number of activities that seek to drive traffic from search engines to a website, with the ultimate goal of having the website listed on the first page of search engine results for particular words (keywords).

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Your crochet business is part of a very niche market. You’re trying to attract people who are interested in the patterns, yarns, finished items, and other crochet-related products you have to offer. You want them to find and click on your link so that you can show them you have what they’re looking for at.

If you have a bunch of pay-per-view or pay-per-click ads on your site, you’ll probably be happy if you catch the eye of people who aren’t seriously interested in your product, as their visits to your site may increase your ad revenue. However, these incidental site visits should not be where you place your focus.

Your focus should be on the people who have a good chance at becoming your customers: people with a sincere interest in what you have to offer.

Your goal with SEO is to create web pages that will have high correlation in terms of relevance and value to the search terms being used. You could be writing a blog post, an Etsy listing, a book listing for Amazon or Nook, or a product page on your website. Whatever you’re writing, the techniques you use will be the same.

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