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Why Advertise with Crochetville?

Crochetville is a go-to resource on the internet for crocheters from around the world: beginner to expert, hobbyist to professional to artist. Through our various web channels, we provide a way for crocheters to interact with each other; share their projects, skills, and knowledge; access our book and product reviews; and get our unique perspective on what’s happening in the crochet world.

Co-owners Amy and Donna each learned how to crochet in elementary school. Between us, we have nearly 80 years of crochet experience. Amy prefers to focus her crochet time on high-fashion garments and accessories while Donna prefers to focus on every-day items that can be used around the home. Our separate interests allow us to connect on an emotional level with a wide range of crocheters. We are also both published designers, allowing us connect on a professional level with others in the crochet industry.

Social Community Site: Over 65,000 registered members
Facebook Page: 249,396 fans
Twitter followers: 1,666
Pinterest followers: 1,062


Customer Testimonial

“What every online business likes to see is a spike in webpage viewers, and that’s just what a Crochetville blurb on Facebook got us. Amazing! Although we had been pretty out there ourselves, including Facebook, the largest hits we’ve gotten were attributable to Crochetville’s posting. I can’t recommend them enough to crochet-centric businesses!”

— Michele Maks, former editor of Crochet World magazine and
current owner of Mainly Crochet digital pattern subscription service


Social Media Promotion Package:

$5,000 for One Year

(This option is available for businesses in the crochet and fiber arts industry. If you are not part of this industry but would still like to reach our customer and fan base, please send an email to amyshelton AT crochetville DOT com. We’ll be happy to talk with you to see if there’s a way we can work with you.)

Our social media promotion package allows you to get regular content about your brand and products in front of our entire fan base of engaged crocheters on a weekly basis. Our fans value what we share with them and trust our opinions. The more your fans see that we like and use your products ourselves, the more likely they are to begin using your products themselves.

You can receive these year-long benefits for less than the cost of attending a couple of consumer shows or a full-page color ad in a crochet magazine.

All of the options below are available to you in your $5,000 package fee. You may take advantage of as many of them as you like.

1.    Ad Spots:

a.    One 728×90 banner ad on forum:

b.    One 250×250 banner ad on blog:

c.    One 250×250 banner ad on free pattern directory: (after directory redesign in mid-2014)

2.    Social Media Promotion

a.    New product announcements: Whenever you have a new product announcement, send us the information and we will create a blog post, forum discussion thread, and Facebook post.

b.    Product reviews: Send the product to Amy and/or Donna. If we like the product, we will post the review on both our blog and forum and link to the blog review on Facebook. We will do our best to publish the review within two weeks of receiving your product, as our schedule allows. We do not post negative reviews, as we prefer to focus on talking about the things we do like.

c.    Product giveaways: When you send us a product announcement and/or product for review, you are welcome to include one or more products for us to give away. Giveaways take place on our Facebook page and are administered through Rafflecopter.

d.    Facebook posts: We will make one Facebook post a week with a link to your website or Facebook page. You may provide us with a link or we’ll be happy to select one for you each week.

3.    One Sponsored Crochet-Along (CAL) Every Six Months

a.    You are responsible for providing all materials necessary for Amy and/or Donna to create the item.

b.    We will also create a Facebook event, forum discussion thread, and blog post for the CAL.

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