Starting a Crochet Business: Selecting Your Products

ProductsCongratulations! You’ve decided you are ready to work on opening your crochet business. Today I’m going to talk about selecting your product mix. I’m going to focus on helping you select the products you want to sell. If your business will focus on a service (selling designs to publishers, working as a tech editor, offering photography services to indie designers), don’t worry. I’ll discuss your business focus later in the series.

Like What You Sell

If you are selling products made by someone else (yarn, hooks, accessories), focus on the things you like and love. If you truly believe in and enjoy the products you are selling, that enthusiasm will shine through. If you are able to build positive relationships with your customers, they will value your opinion. If you love something, they’re likely to think they will too.

Alternatively, if you sell something because you think it will bring you lots of profit but you actually have a very poor opinion of it or just don’t like it for some reason, that attitude is going to come across to the customer on some level, no matter how much you try to hide it. Not to mention, it would just be bad karma to encourage others to purchase something you believe is sub-par, don’t you think?

If you are selling pattern designs, focus on the types of items you like to design. If you strongly dislike making afghans, you probably don’t want to spend a lot of time designing afghan patterns. If garment design and grading for different sizes scares you spitless, postpone garments until you’re more confident in your design abilities.

If you’re passionate and excited about designing a certain type of crochet pattern, chances are you’re pretty good at it already. If you’re still developing your skills, that energy will help you spend the time and effort to develop your skills further.

Now let’s talk about selling finished items.


Life is too short to focus on the negative. Surround yourself with positive energy by selecting a product mix made up of items you feel good about!


A Mix of Price Levels

Whatever you’re selling, whether it be crochet patterns or finished objects or yarn or something else, in many cases, you will want to have a number of different price points throughout your product range. Even if you’re selling exclusively to a high-end clientele,

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