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You’ve arrived at the annual NatCroMo Designer Blog Tour 2022! It’s a virtual celebration of National Crochet Month with new blog content daily throughout March, including featured crochet designers, pattern showcases, free patterns, coupons, discounts, giveaways, and more. This year’s theme is Pawprints on Our Hearts, so we’ll talk about our pets – furry, feathered, and scaly!

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Today’s featured designer on our NatCroMo Designer Blog Tour 2022 is Suzanne of Crafting Each Day. In addition to showcasing some of her crochet patterns, Suzanne tells us about and shares photos of her three guinea pigs.

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About Suzanne

Hi, I’m Suzanne. I’ve been passionate about crafting and learning new things for as long as I can remember. My most enduring crafting love has always been crochet. It’s hard for me to believe, but I started crocheting more than thirty years ago!

I have always loved tinkering with patterns – changing colors, stitches, textures, and yarns. And, as my skills grew, I started simply making up my own designs. Not much can compare to the joy of relaxing into a crochet project and working love into each stitch.

I share patterns, tips, and tutorials to help other crocheters create heartfelt gifts crafted with love. My favorite things to design include wraps and shawls, blankets, accessories, and quick home decor projects.

When I’m not crocheting, I love traveling and exploring the San Francisco Bay Area where we make our home.

One thing a little unusual about me is that whenever we travel I look for local yarn shops where I try to buy a skein or two.

Suzanne’s adorable pet guinea pigs!

Suzanne’s Pets

We have three super cutie guinea pigs. We got our first sweeties about four years ago. Our original pair was Flash and Cinnamon. Sadly, Cinnamon passed away in January. She was so spunky and fun, and we loved how she purred. After we lost her, Flash seemed a little lonely. And we decided to get her a new friend.

I read up on how to introduce guinea pigs to each other, and we found little Eddie who is just a sweetheart. Eddie loves to be held and even enjoys watching some TV. Flash and Eddie did not get along at first though. My solution? Introduce another guinea pig into the mix!

About a week after we got Eddie, Teddy entered our lives. Teddy has been such a hoot and the secret sauce for getting all three to get along. She’s super tiny and reminds me of Cinnamon with her spunky spirit.

We had divided the cage to keep Eddie and Flash separated for a while. We put Teddy on the side of the cage with Eddie. Well, when we weren’t looking, Teddy snuck through the holes in the divider. We found her hanging out with Flash! After a day, we were able to take the divider down all because of Teddy. And now all three get along wonderfully.

Teddy’s latest exploit? She loves to jump in the bowl or hay while the others are eating. Flash seems much happier these days too.

Favorite Crochet Reference

What is one of your favorite crochet reference books or websites that is a go-to source of crochet information for you?

Oooo, where to start on my favorite reference? I do love using stitch dictionaries, and I have quite a collection. I also use the Craft Yarn Council‘s website a bunch. It has great information on crochet stitch abbreviations, the yarn weight system, and crochet symbols.

Design Showcase:
Snuggles and Waves Blanket

Pattern name: Snuggles and Waves Blanket

Get the pattern:

About the pattern: The Snuggles and Waves Blanket is one of my first patterns at Crafting Each Day. And it is one of the most popular! The soft ripple is a timeless pattern accented with a pretty shell border. Use pink and white for a classic baby girl blanket. Or choose your own favorite colors.

Design Showcase:
Caramel Fudge Ripple Wrap

Pattern name: Caramel Fudge Ripple Wrap

Get the pattern:

About the pattern: I love designing crochet shawl and wrap patterns. The Caramel Fudge Ripple Wrap is one of my most popular wrap patterns. It uses a simple and easy stitch, making it a fun and relaxing project! The wrap looks beautiful in both solid and self-striping yarns. The wrap is also generous in size and can be worn in a variety of ways. It also makes an easy crochet prayer shawl pattern.

Design Showcase:
Velvet Hat

Pattern name: Velvet Hat

Get the pattern:

About the pattern: Make a snuggly soft velvet hat as a special gift. This cozy crochet hat pattern features a textured design that pairs well with any outfit. The velvet is soft and easy to wear, making it a perfect gifts for babies, kids, and adults. The pattern comes in nine sizes. All ages will enjoy wearing this luxurious hat.

Suzanne’s NatCroMo Special

Suzanne is offering 30% off all her patterns in her Etsy and Ravelry shops through April 30, 2022 with code NATCROMO30. Offer valid March 20 at midnight Eastern through April 30, 2022 at 11:59pm Pacific.

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