2013 Crochet Business Mastermind Groups

2013 Crochet Business Mastermind Groups: Join Now!

We had such great success with our trial Crochet Business Mastermind Group in 2012 (despite the busy holiday season!) that we are now ready to open up groups for 2013. What Is a Mastermind Group? A mastermind group coordinates the knowledge and effort of two or more people working together toward a definite purpose, as … Read more

Business Mastermind Group: Week One

Crochetville’s first Business Mastermind Group has just started meeting this week. While I can’t share the specifics of what takes place during our sessions, I thought you might like to read an overview. The information might be helpful if you’re interested in signing up for any crochet business mastermind groups we offer next year. Our … Read more