Starry Night

Crocheters Are Intelligent, not Stupid or Ignorant

I was recently part of an online discussion with a crochet designer friend that left me completely flummoxed and outraged. Why? Because of a comment made to this designer by a publisher. Go grab a relaxing beverage to sip while you read this. You’re going to need it. You’ll probably be as upset as I … Read more

A Tour through Crochet Country

Join Us on a Tour through Crochet Country

Edit: Please read our February 28, 2013 post for the most up-to-date information about the blog tour. Mark Your Calendars! March is National Crochet Month. Join Crochetville this year as we take you on a blog tour through crochet country. Each day during the month we’ll stop for a visit with at least one professional … Read more


SEO for a Crochet Business

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is made up of a number of activities that seek to drive traffic from search engines to a website, with the ultimate goal of having the website listed on the first page of search engine results for particular words (keywords). Your crochet business is part of a very niche market. … Read more

Business Mastermind Group: Week One

Crochetville’s first Business Mastermind Group has just started meeting this week. While I can’t share the specifics of what takes place during our sessions, I thought you might like to read an overview. The information might be helpful if you’re interested in signing up for any crochet business mastermind groups we offer next year. Our … Read more