Crochet Art: Teppanyaki Dynamite by TADA’s Revolution

Crochet Art: Teppanyaki Dynamite

Teppanyaki Dynamite
Teppanyaki Dynamite
TADA’s Revolution

I’d like to share a wonderful little stop motion video with  you today from Susan and Nicholas at TADA’s Revolution. All the animals in the video were crocheted by Susan Chi. After you watch the video, scroll down and read the guest blog post by Susan Chi and Nicholas Nguyen. You’ll get the inside story of how the video was created. It’s a fascinating read!

TADA’s Revolution

Guest Bloggers: Susan Chi and Nicholas Nguyen

TADA's Revolution
Susan and Nicholas
TADA’s Revolution

We have been working on Tada’s Revolution since 2008, and we initially started with the idea of creating immersive worlds around the lives of the crochet animals that Susan created.

As we worked on more and more adventures, it was always a challenge to expand the expressiveness of animals, to replicate a greater range of emotions and experiences.

Around September of 2011, we attended the Tim Burton exhibit at LACMA, which was a creative turning point. Tim Burton’s work has always been an inspiration to us, and it was around that time that we decided that we wanted to make the progression from still photographs to stop-motion video.

We subsequently spent about a year doing research about armatures, and stop-motion. Since we are completely self-taught, that also meant that Nick had to learn how to use Dragonframe, After Effects, and Premiere along the way. By the beginning of September 2012, we started shooting the first frames of our video “Public Service.”

After we completed “Public Service”, and we were brainstorming ideas for our next video, we decided that we really wanted to highlight the range of movements that were made possible by the complex armature inside of our Bosworth puppet. We decided that something fun and universal would be some form of food related adventure. We eventually decided upon Teppanyaki.

When planning for “Teppanyaki Dynamite”, we wanted to design a set and props that was really unique, and many of the pieces you see from the Teppanyaki cook top, to the shoji screen, to the shrimp were designed and built by Susan from wood and polymer clay, then hand painted in acrylic in the 1:10 scale.

We wanted to create a video that was fun and playful, and finished with a bang. We hope that you really enjoy “Teppanyaki Dynamite.”

Best regards,

Susan Chi and Nicholas Nguyen
TADA’s Revolution

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