TNNA: Great New Yarns Part 1

The Yarn Group sponsors another fabulous part of TNNA: the ability to take home samples of the newest, greatest yarns on the market. Each participating company makes available 6″ samples of yarns of their choice.

Attendees pick up the yarn booklet. There is a page for each company providing contact information and information about each available yarn. You just go around the display, and tape the sample yarns in the appropriate places. With plenty of tape dispensers placed all the way around, the only way to make it simpler for attendees is if TNNA volunteers handed you a book of samples ready to go.

Want to take a look at all the fabulous samples I received? There are lots of pictures, so I’m going to divide this post into four separate parts so you don’ t have to spend a lot of time waiting for each page to load. Links to all 4 parts appear at the bottom of each post. This post is Part 1 of 4.

Yarn Wall 01

Yarn Wall 02

Yarn Wall 03

Yarn Wall 04

Yarn Wall 05

Yarn Wall 06

Yarn Wall 07

Yarn Wall 08

Yarn Wall 09

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