Let Crochetville Be Your Crochet Home on the Internet

Donna and Amy, Chain Link Manchester 2012, JD's Tavern
Donna Hulka and Amy Shelton

The internet offers you many options to learn more about crochet. From online communities to blogs to newsletters to other crochet websites, the choices are endless. How do you choose? How do you know where to find the information you need? It can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. And worse, the time you spend online cuts into the amount of time you can spend actually crocheting, which is what you really love to do. Right?

If you’re like us, you need to make the best use of your online time. You want to go straight to helpful, accurate information. You want to find a community where you can feel comfortable hanging out, regardless of your age, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, political preference, income level, or any other personal characteristics. You want to be part of a place where you can be yourself and you feel encouraged, supported, and uplifted. Crochetville can offer you all that and more.

Here are some of the key reasons to make Crochetville your crochet home on the internet.

Grass Roots Beginning and Two Expert Crocheters

Crochetville was created in 2004 by crocheters, for crocheters and is now the largest, most active independent (non-corporate) online crochet community in the world. Crochetville is still owned and operated by just two people: Donna Hulka and Amy Shelton.

Recognized as crochet professionals by the Crochet Guild of America, Donna and Amy have a combined total of nearly 80 years of crochet experience. (And neither of us is even 50 yet!) Designing, writing, teaching, speaking: we’ve done it all. We also just love to crochet: anytime, anywhere! We do everything we can to make sure everyone has a wonderful experience at Crochetville.

All Are Welcome

Everyone is welcome at Crochetville. Whether you’re a brand-new beginner, an experienced hobbyist, an established professional, or have dreams of starting your own crochet business, you’ll find plenty of others who share your interests. You’ll find people just like you and people who are quite unlike you but with whom you share the common bond of crochet.

Alike or different, you’ll be amazed at the close friendships you can develop with people from all walks of life from all around the world, simply because they share your love of crochet.

We Support Indie Business

We are an indie business and we are proud to offer our support to other indie businesses. It’s hard to make a living in the crochet industry. We understand that it’s even harder to do it as an indie without the bankroll of a big company behind you. Here are some of the ways we help indies become successful:

  • Free advertising. Yes, FREE advertising. How cool is that?
  • Business development classes.
  • Business Mastermind groups: Brainstorm and discuss business issues in a safe, secure setting with other crochet business owners.
  • Crochet business e-books. (coming soon)
  • Giveaways: Let us bring attention to your business by giving away one of your products.

Patterns, Patterns, Patterns

We Support Crocheters

We Support Made in America

In 2012, Crochetville began a partnership with Red Heart Yarns, selling their yarns at trade shows across the country. One of our favorite things about Red Heart is that many of their yarns are spun right here in the United States, in Albany, Georgia. We’re very happy to know that these yarns provide jobs to hard-working Americans, which is an excellent thing in our current economy!

Even though we are based in America, we have many members and site visitors from all areas of the world. Some Red Hearts yarns are produced in other countries. We’re happy that Red Heart is providing employment opportunities to people in other countries.

We Are Environmentally Conscious

We both personally try to reuse, remake, and recyle whenever we possibly can. We try hard to be responsible steward’s of our planet’s resources. One thing we love about our digital pattern shop: Digital patterns are eco-friendly. You can easily take them with you wherever you go on your favorite portable digital device (iPad, iPhone, smart phone, tablet, netbook), with no need to print a paper copy, saving printer ink and paper.

With the right app (I love Goodreader!) you can even make notes right on your digital pattern. Another reduction in the amount of paper products used!

Most Important: We Are Fun!

In fact, we’ve been called “The Fun Booth” and “The Fun People” at trade shows all around the country!

Crochet is your hobby. It should be fun! We do everything we can to make your time on Crochetville as fun as it can be. Swaps, games, and giveaway contests. Interesting discussions. Beautiful photos offering crochet inspiration. A safe environment to share your crochet accomplishments and have everyone celebrate with you!

We hope you will choose to be a part of our crochet family and friends!

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