Get Squared Classes


Would you like to have a Get Squared™ class available in your area? I have hooks, and I’m ready to travel! I am happy to work with your local CGOA chapter, crochet group, or local yarn store to bring a Get Squared™ class, workshop, or retreat to your area.

Why You Need Get Squared™

Get Squared™ is a revolutionary new crochet technique, developed by Australian crochet designer Jenny King. You will use the familiar granny square stitch to create a stylish garment that will fit you the first time and every time.

Here are the benefits of creating garments using the Get Squared™ technique:

  • Work from the top down and make a garment without seams
  • Try the garment on as you go to ensure fit
  • Use any thickness of yarn you like
  • Get right to work with no need for a gauge swatch
  • No need to read a lengthy, confusing pattern
  • No complicated pattern adjustments required to achieve good fit

Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? I can assure you that this system really does work!

Available Classes

Introduction to Get Squared Class

Introduction to Get Squared™

3-hour class
Cost: $30.00 per student

Description: In this class, each student will complete a teddy bear or doll sized pullover sweater using the Get Squared™ technique. I will walk you through every step you’ll follow when making your own adult-sized garment.

First Get Squared Garment ClassYour First  Get Squared™ Garment

3-hour class
Cost: $30.00 per student

Description: You will get to see and try on a number of Get Squared™ sample garments. I will help you discover your Magic Number, which will enable you to create garments that fit and look good (without any need to focus on actual body measurements that carry quite a lot of unpleasant psychological baggage for many of us). I will also help you begin a full-size garment of your choice, choosing from any of the 5 original styles.

Optional Class Materials Fee: I guarantee you that by the end of this class, you’ll have made enough progress to know you’re going to be happy with your finished garment. You’re also going to love the speed with which you’re able to complete your garment. You will want to purchase Jenny’s online video system that contains complete instructions for all five garments, along with hints and tips for adding your own customizations. You can purchase the online video system here on Jenny’s site ($39.99 AUD, which will convert to approximately $32 USD during the checkout process.) If you enter code crochetv when you check out, I’ll earn a small commission on your purchase at no additional cost to you.

Follow On Get Squared ClassesFollow-On Get Squared™ Garment

3-hour class
Cost: $30.00 per student

6-hour class
Cost: $60 per student plus pattern shortcut cost

Description: I will walk your group through making any of Jenny’s follow-on Get Squared™ pattern shortcuts. A shortcut for each of the following designs is available on Jenny’s website. Each student will need to purchase their own copy of the pattern shortcut from Jenny’s site.

Adding Beads to  Get Squared™

3-hour class
Cost: $30.00 per student

Description: Everybody needs a little sparkle! You will learn how to add glass seed beads to your crochet garments. You will learn how to add beads as you go as well as two methods for pre-stringing beads: picking up beads by hand and how to use a bead spinner to speed up the process.

Optional Materials Fee: I can bring seed beads, beading needles, and bead spinners that will be available for purchase.

Get Squared™ Workshops and Retreats

Looking for a more intensive, in-depth experience or perhaps just a longer, more-relaxed experience? I am also available for 2 or 3 day workshops. These experiences can be tailored to the specific needs of your group. Get in touch so we can talk about what you need.

Travel Expenses

Depending on how far I must travel, your group may need to cover travel expenses that include, but are not limited to: mileage (if I drive), airfare, hotel, and meals. I’m happy to share meals at someone’s home, but staying in a hotel ensures that I will be well-rested and prepared for your class.

Ready to Schedule a Class?

Send an email to amy AT crochetville DOT com. Please include “Get Squared Class” in the email subject line, to make sure your message doesn’t get mistaken for spam.

Teaching Endorsement from Jenny King

Endoresement by Jenny